Modern Education = Confusion

Today’s educational system creates more questions than answers. You may wonder, what happeded to textbooks? Or, why group learning is so prevalent? Or,  what is this crazy new scoring system?

The answer to these questions becomes apparent when you understand that the materials have changed and the goals of the education system are not as they once were.

Let’s start with the overall idea of education. In any educational system we must consider what materials, methods, results and validation components are implemented.

  • What is taught? (Materials)
  • How is it taught? (Methods)
  • Who is taught and what is retained? (Results)
  • How is success evaluated? (Validation)

Classic System

In the classic model of education, it is easy to see how facts are taught and individuals acquire knowledge. Grades are earned and help students and parents adjust.


In the classic system, confusion is removed. This leads to a clean transfer of knowledge to the student. We end up with prepared students with realistic goals! They are independent and ready for the real world.

Independent students are ready for a competitve market. Armed with facts, they are confident in their ideas, even when others may choose popular myths over unpopular truths.

Modern “Confusion” System

In the modern education system, facts are muddied with causes, focused lessons are replaced with multi-topic/multi-approach discussions,  groups are targeted over individuals and scores are arbitrary.


In the modern system, confusion hinders knowledge transfer. This results in unprepared students with unrealistic goals. The are trained to be dependent on one another.

Dependent students are not prepared to compete in the arena of ideas.  Instead, they seek approval of peers and authorities. They are confused by their lack of knowledge and utopian goals.

Confusion is Rampant

Unfortunately, confusion is everywhere.  Modern education is clearly dedicated to creating confusion. Common core and state alternatives set the stage for educational confusion while “whole school transformation” programs like The Leader in Me facilitate values confusion.






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